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APPARELSOFT RFID Real-Time Visibility

In today’s business world, understanding where all of your products and items are and having the ability to track and analyze them in real-time is critical to meeting profit goals and customer expectations. With APPARELSOFT RFID YOU CAN Track and Digital DNA, you’ll have item-level visibility from the receiving dock all the way to the retail floor and everywhere in-between, ensuring your items are in the right place, at the right time, all of the time. And because RFID can integrate with WMS and ERP systems it can provide you with fast and accurate up-to-date locations of all of your inventory, like whether it’s in staging or receiving. APPAERELSOFT RFID you’ll always know where your items are.


Item and Zone Level Tracking

Using fixed RFID readers positioned at strategic points and mobile RFID readers on the floor, APPARELSOFT gives you the power to locate items Digital DNA in real-time, regardless of their physical location.

Work in Process

By tracking Work in Process manufacturing facilities benefit from improved production times, error reduction, increased inventory accuracy, and other key operating efficiencies.

Brand Protection

Digital DNA allows brand owners and major retailers to safeguard themselves from counterfeiting and theft, a multibillion-dollar issue that has plagued the retail industry for years.


Verifying and validating EPC data with APPARELSOFT RFID Ensures product authenticity at all touchpoints throughout the entire supply chain, from.

Quickbooks Intergration with Filemaker

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  • No Double Entry
  • No Costly Mistake
  • Information Real Time
  • Cloud Based