The RFID R US Reader supports up to four monostatic antennas, which covers a tag read distance that is over 80 feet with 9 dBiL antennae. It supports the tag reading speed for moving objects at 100 mph. Access and control the reader from any browser using the built-in UI. Access the reader via Ethernet or WIFI. The reader supports the latest RCI standard from the Rain Alliance. The reader also contains a database and can send alerts via text or e-mail in real-time. Users can detect fast-moving assets in doorways, create the next generation of smart cabinets or
smart stores, determine the movement of assets and people effortlessly with our built-in Zone Manager. No programming necessary.


Key Features & Benefits

  • True plug and play. Start reading your tags automatically using a browser and the Zone Manager software on the Smart Reader.
  • Zone Manager software included.
  • Store and access the data directly on the reader, on a server on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Setup and receive alert based on custom rules.
  • Read assets at high speeds using the Smart Reader fast track option.
  • Never send a wrong shipment using the Smart Reader Order Accuracy Manager.
  • Control the reader using the latest standard Rain Communication Interface (RCI) Rest API.


  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Smart Cabinets
  • Toll detection – Conveyor belts
  • Warehouse

Quickbooks Intergration with Filemaker

quick book image
  • No Double Entry
  • No Costly Mistake
  • Information Real Time
  • Cloud Based